âšŊSoccer Arena

What is Soccer Arena?

Minor changes may apply to the current version of the Whitepaper. Last update: May 2022 (version 0.9)

Welcome to Soccer Arena, the ultimate soccer manager game!

Soccer Arena is a decentralized NFT soccer (a.k.a. football) game based on BlockChain technology from Polygon (MATIC) and BSC (Binance), where players can find the perfect mix between soccer and cryptocurrencies.

As a Manager, you'll be able to build your team with your own unique players, train, improve and trade them, and play across different competitions to earn rewards. However, unlike traditional games, your team, players and stadiums will belong to you, forever, being not only the owner but also free to operate (or sell them on the marketplace or OpenSea) with them. Each NFT in the game is ERC-721 standard compliance, being the full owner of the token.

Unlike other NFT games, Soccer Arena is focused on gamers, with an addictive gameplay, long-term sustainable economy, and strong measures to prevent bots, traders or large whales not interested in the game from destroying its economy and thus negatively affecting the user. In this way, everything you get from the beginning will belong to you, increasing its value over time.

As if all this were not enough, Soccer Arena and its future depends on you. We want the future of the game to be built by the community of players, for which there will be a DAO that will allow the Governance of all the decisions of the game.

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