Join cups to play against other Managers and earn experience and rewards.

Cups are organized by players who own Stadiums. A cup is defined by two basic parameters, the number of participating Teams and the entrance fee, which in turn will define the type of championship.

Joining a Cup

Managers can either host a cup in their Stadiums or join an already open cup. They are sorted by age, so that you will see first the oldest and with the most Teams already joined. It is important that you decide thoroughly your team lineup and strategy when joining a cup to ensure the best performance of your team. Top teams in the cup will get big rewards.

Participating in a cup is that you always get something in return, either win or lose. In the case of a loss, your players will have learned from playing against other players who have played better, and this experience will make them improve their attributes as players materialized as a booster card, so that the more you play, the better team you'll have. Also, the bigger the cup, the more the players will learn, so they will earn more improvement points. The same applies to the Manager experience points, which will increase with each cup in which you participate to Level Up.

As in a real match, a player may get injured or receive a red card that will prevent him from playing during the next journey. The probability of this happening is low, but it has been limited to a maximum of one player at most. In addition, a physio will be available to help with the injury and speed up recovery, thus allowing the player to play on the next journey.

Number of participating teams

Depending on its size, 8 or 16 teams can join the cup. More teams means more difficulty to win, but also more rewards to be distributed among the winners.

In the 8-teams cups, a maximum of 3 matches per team will be played to determine the winner, while in the 16-team cups, up to a maximum of 4 matches will be played. However, they are all played in the same journey.

Private cups

By default, cups will be public and displayed in the list of open cups. However, the stadium owner can choose to mark the cup as private, so that it will be only shown to those who have a direct link to that cup. These links will also serve as affiliate links, so you will be rewarded for all purchases of new players who access through your link, forever.

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