Frequently Asked Questions

⚽ When will the game be released?

First payable version will be launch in Q3 2022. More information can be found in the roadmap.

⚽ Where will the $SAIO token be available for purchase?

It will be listed on UniSwap, being able to view and exchange with funds from your wallet in Metamask. We will update this information as it becomes available.

⚽ What will the $SAIO token be used for?

To create teams, buy new players, booster packs, Stadiums, participate in cups, trade in the marketplace...

You will get Tokens as a reward when you win competitions, or sell NFTs on the Marketplace.

⚽ What do I need to play Soccer Arena?

You only need a PC or mobile with Metamask, as well as MATIC (Polygon Network Native Token) and our Native Token. Tutorials on how to do the whole process are available in the links section. If you come from the BSC, we'll provide you with MATIC.

⚽ I only have a BSC account, can I play Soccer Arena?


The pre-sale will take place on both the BSC network and the Polygon network. Those BSC users who enter the pre-sale will be provided with everything they need (including MATIC) to be able to play Soccer Arena. Players entering after the pre-sale will still be able to acquire the native Token from the BSC network and will be provided with MATIC as well.

Regarding the Polygon account, if you have a BSC account, you also have a Polygon account, so you don't have to worry. In the links section, you can find tutorials where we explain everything step by step.

⚽ Can I transfer my funds from BSC to Polygon (or network x to Polygon)?

Of course you can! Some Bridges allow you to send Tokens from one network to another very cheaply and quickly. If you wish, you can transfer your BNB, USDC, USDT, BUSD, ETH... to Polygon without any problem and take advantage of the network speed and low commissions. In the links section, you can find tutorials where we explain everything step by step.

⚽ What is the minimum investment to play?

In the pre-sale, teams and players will be available at a reduced price. After that, the minimum investment will be around 100 USDC, destined for the purchase of a team and 11 NFT players that will allow you to create your first team.

⚽ Are the Players/Stadiums really mine?

Yes, our NFTs use the ERC-721 standard and are associated to your address. You are free to transfer them to other addresses, sell them on the marketplace or even on external marketplaces like OpenSea. You are the only one

⚽ Is it possible to own several Teams?

Yes, you can have as many Teams as you want. The more Teams, the more Leagues and Cups you will be able to participate in each journey, and the more experience points you will get as a Manager.

⚽ How many times will I be able to join competitions?

Joining one type of competition is independent of other competitions. The frequency will depend on the type of competition. Each Player will be able to play:

  • One participation in a Cup per journey.

  • One league journey.

  • Two one-to-one matches per day, and additionally virtual one-to-ones.

  • You can always join the free tournaments as long as you fulfill the conditions, even if the players have already played a cup.

⚽ How often is a journey held?

In order to avoid having to wait for one or several weeks between each journey in the game, days are equated to journeys, so each day will be a new journey, thus being able to play every day.

⚽ What is the meaning of player level, position, attack and defense?

The higher its level and mastery of certain positions, the more likely your team is to win. However, not only their attributes matter but also other characteristics such as their position, alignment, opposing team... so strategy will be key to maximize your performance.

⚽ Are all line-ups equally good?

No. On the one hand, if a player is not lined up in a position that corresponds to it, its performance will be reduced. On the other hand, a lineup can be more interesting against one team depending on the lineup and characteristics of the other team, and yet be worse against another team.

⚽ If I have more points than the opposing team, will I always win?

No. As in real soccer, the best teams have more chances to win, but they can also lose. There is a probabilistic part, a part depending on points, and a part depending on your strategy.

⚽ How many players are allowed in a team?

You must include 11 starter players, and up to 10 substitutes.

⚽ How are the pre-sale tokens unlocked?

Depending on when these tokens were purchased whether in the private presale or in the public presale, they will have a different unlocking, which we have detailed in the Vesting section.

⚽ Where can I play Soccer Arena?

The game can be played from the browser, you don't need to install any separate app. The browser only needs the add-on or extension to connect the wallet (Metamask).

⚽ Will I be able to play from mobile?

Yes, the game is designed for both mobile and web devices. You will only need to have Metamask installed on your mobile to be able to play.

⚽ Can I enter the pre-sale?

Keep an eye on our social networks to find out how to enter the pre-sale of the game.

⚽ What is the total supply of $SAIO?

300,000,000 SAIO, with a possible 100 extra millions as decided by the community of users of the game through the DAO.

⚽ Which is the contract address for $SAIO?

The token contract address will not be published until the token is released, to avoid fraud during this time. Only trust our official publications.

⚽ Why use Polygon and not x Chain?

When selecting the target blockchain on which to develop Soccer Arena we took into account several parameters to find the best solution for the user. After extensive research and testing we decided on Polygon PoS Chain:

  • Very low user fees.

  • High transaction speed.

  • Compatible with Ethereum users (EMV compatible) and therefore with their tools (such as Metamask), offering a broad ecosystem.

  • Supported by the largest swaps on the market such as UniSwap.

  • Compatible with OpenSea.

  • High security supported by Ethereum's L1.

Still, the presale will be held on both BSC and Polygon to make it easier for BSC users to play Soccer Arena. More information on pre-sale.

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