🔒Security First

By focusing on security, we aim to give users maximum confidence.

Unfortunately in the crypto world, we hear news of thefts, hacks and security flaws constantly. Many of these failures are the result of not knowing the crypto development environment and programming language (Solidity in this case) and its particularities. Others are the result of the development team's haste.

We are committed to security. Our team is composed of expert developers as well as security auditors to avoid possible vulnerabilities. Security is a fundamental pillar of the game, designed and developed from the beginning with security in mind (security first). We have spent several months developing and auditing the code to offer the users a secure and mature product.

Additionally, although we have full confidence in our team, in order to offer additional security and transparency, before launching the game we will perform an external audit by a specialized company in the sector of our ERC-20 token to further secure the code and avoid vulnerabilities exploitable by hackers.

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