Soccer Arena

Items & Training Arena

Customize, improve and boost your team and players.
Over time, players evolve, gaining experience and skill. The more matches you play, the better team and players you'll have. Playing matches is the best way to increase their skills. However, daily training plays an important role as well. When acquiring a Team, a head coach comes along with it, allowing you to daily training for free in the Training Arena and preparing your Team for the match day. During training, it is important to train together the line-up that will end up playing that journey, to be able to prepare a proper strategy and motivate them.
Some users prefer to go faster, being able to buy new NFT players, trade in the marketplace, or acquire booster packs or special items to further and quicker increase their skills. There are different types of booster packs and items that will allow you to customize and improve your team.


Head Coach NFT

Hire a better head coach for your team. This coach will replace the base head coach of your Team. A better coach enables quicker improvement during training. There are different head coach tiers, however, a team can only hire a head coach at a time.

Secondary Coach NFT

A head coach is able to train the 11 starting players. However, to be able to train the substitutes the head coach requires some help from the secondary coach. With the secondary coach, you'll be able to train all the substitutes from your team as well.

Mental Coaching (1 journey)

Hire a sports psychologist to cheer up your team. During the journey you hire him, your team's spirits will be sky-high, thus improving your players' motivation and their chances of winning.

Team Lineups

Add new possible lineups for your team that best suit the way you play.

Player Items NFTs

An item is a modular enhancement that the Player can equip to improve his skills during the journey. They can only be used by one Player during a journey. A Player can only use one item type at the same time. For instance, a player can't equip two pairs of cleats at the same time, but he can wear a pair of cleats along with socks and shin guards. Improvement is cumulative. They can be used as many times as desired, and since they are NFTs, they can be sold or transferred to other Managers.
Some items can be bought, however, some special items are only available when performing certain actions, such as being the first division league winner, being that the only way to obtain them.

Soccer Cleats NFT (Football Boots)

Who wouldn't play better with the Soccer Air Arena Cleats? Boost your player's power and attack skills with better and new NFT boots. There are different boots tiers, however, a player can only wear a pair of boots at a time.
Golden soccer cleats NFT
Old School Soccer Arena boots NFT

Shin Guards NFT

Their main function is to protect the soft tissues and bones in the lower extremities from external impact. Shin guards provide shock absorption and facilitate energy dissipation, thereby decreasing the risk of serious injuries!
Shin guards boost defense skill and prevent injuries. There are different shin guards tiers, however, a player can only wear one pair shin guards at a time.
Black/Yellow Shin Guards NFT
Glowing Soccer Arena Shin Guards NFT

Soccer Arena Socks NFT

The Soccer Arena Knee-High Socks were crafted with comfort in mind. Sweat-wicking fabric helps keep feet dry, while a snug band and cushioning give players a supportive fit and feel during play. Soccer Arena Socks are designed to keep the Player comfortable and provide stability to his feet during play with arch support.
Soccer Arena Socks boost technique skill and prevent injuries. There are different Soccer Arena Socks tiers, however, a player can only wear a pair of socks at a time.
Red/Blue Soccer Arena Socks NFT
White Soccer Arena Socks with Shin Guards NFT

Gloves NFT

The Soccer Arena Gloves are ready to make every save. Soft padding provides cushioning against shots, while a smooth surface gives you grip in wet or dry conditions. They can only be used by goalkeepers.
Soccer Arena Gloves boost defense and technique skills. There are different Soccer Arena Glove tiers, however, a goalkeeper can only wear a pair of gloves at a time.

Soccer Arena Pre-Workout NFT

Soccer Arena Pre-Workout unleashes amplified energy, focus, and supports enhanced endurance to help your Players reach the pinnacle of the game. Our premium formula is made with selected ingredients, including caffeine from only natural sources to help dial in intense energy, mental alertness, and sharp focus before the player hits the field. Other premium ingredients depend on the Pre-Workout tier, including Beta-Alanine, Creatine Monohydrate, Nitrates and L-Citrulline Malate to round out our powerful formulation.
Soccer Arena Pre-Workout boosts power and vision skills as well as Stamina. There are different Soccer Arena Pre-Workout tiers, however, a player can only drink a pre-workout at a time.

Individual Coaching

One-to-one training

Train the player of your choice to quickly boost his attributes! Hire the best international coaches for one-to-one training to improve the skills and attributes of your players. A player has a maximum genetic limit to which he can reach, marked by his initial attributes.