Soccer Arena


Stadium owners will be able to organize competitions and earn Tokens just for that. They can also receive rewards lending to users who need them. Their total supply is limited.
Stadiums and Youth Academy are the only NTFs with prices in native Tokens. They are not defined by an oracle. Their price is fixed in native Tokens. Therefore, as the token price increases, its price in stable coins may increase as well.
Total supply of stadiums is limited, thus ensuring that the cups organized in the stadiums are always full. Furthermore, there will be a teams:stadiums ratio in both pre-sale and in-game that will only allow new stadiums to be minted when there are more than twice as many teams per stadium until the total supply is reached. Once the total supply is reached, no more stadiums will be sold.
Stadiums are one of the most interesting and profitable NFTs in the game.
Cups are hosted in stadiums, being their owners who organize them. This allows other Managers (and themselves) to play competitions. The stadium owner will receive 5% of the amount of the entry fee for the competition he organizes. A stadium can organize as many cups per day as it wishes, as long as there is no active cup hosted in the stadium. On the one hand, the system will preferably show those cups that have been created the first, but if someone wishes, he can also generate a link to his stadium to speed up the filling of the cups he organizes. This way you will be able to fill the cups faster and earn more tokens in less time. In addition, these external links to the stadiums have the advantage that they are affiliate links, so that if new Managers come through this link, in addition to being able to play in the cups organized in your stadiums, they will also receive a 10% profit of all the NFT purchased by the referred user forever.
In addition to cups, stadiums are needed to join a first or second division league. They can be lent to users with no stadium for a fee.
Each stadium is defined by the following characteristics:
  • Name. Initially, it will be a randomly generated one, and it can be changed in the future.
  • Seating Capacity. A higher attendance will produce higher revenue. However, a higher capacity doesn't mean a higher attendance. Public must be motivated to attend a match.
  • Maximum number of teams that will be able to participate in their cups, being able to choose between 8 or 16 teams.
  • Maximum amount of bets per team. When a cup is organized, the organizer (stadium owner) decides the amount to bet on this cup. There is a maximum amount that will depend on the type of stadium, so a large stadium can organize cups with higher or lower bets as desired.
Like teams and players, Stadiums are an ERC-721 token themselves, which can be transferred or traded in the marketplace or in OpenSea.

Stadium Tiers

There will be 4 types of stadiums (or soccer arenas).

Local Stadium

  • Local Stadium:
    • Number of teams in Cups: 8
    • Maximum bet: 10 USDC
    • Seating Capacity: 5.000 to 15.000

Regional Stadium

  • Regional Stadium:
    • Number of teams in Cups: 8
    • Maximum bet: 20 USDC
    • Seating Capacity: 20.000 to 50.000

National Stadium

  • National Stadium:
    • Number of teams in Cups: 8 or 16
    • Maximum bet: 30 USDC
    • Seating Capacity: 55.000 to 75.000

World Stadium

  • World Stadium:
    • Number of teams in Cups: 8 or 16
    • Maximum bet: 50 USDC
    • Seating Capacity: 80.000 to 114.000