Soccer Arena
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Enjoy playing and winning in different competitions.
Finishing among the top teams in a league or cup is the best way to earn rewards. There are currently five types of competitions:
  • Leagues (season mode). Earn experience and big rewards by joining a league to play against other Managers.
  • Cups. They are organized by stadium owners, and in them, you will play against other Managers to show off who is the best Soccer Arena Manager.
  • Tournaments. There will be 4 free tournaments in which you will only be able to win, with no cost to join them, and big rewards.
  • One-to-one. Test your Team against a Team of your choice. Play against your friends to find out who has the best team of all.
    • Real one-to-one. Bet directly against a team of your choice.
    • Simulated one-to-one. Simulate the match playing friendlies to find out your chances of winning against another team and improve your game strategy.
  • Special events. These are a type of one-off tournament that will be organized by Soccer Arena, in which only Managers who meet certain characteristics, such as a certain Experience Level, will be able to participate. Each special event is unique and will define itself. The first pre-defined special event is the Soccer Arena Champions League (SACL), where very large rewards await the best first division teams.