👨‍đŸ’ŧBusiness Model

Our business model tries to be as fair and transparent as possible for the benefit of the users.

So, how do we generate revenue to support the ecosystem and the team?

NFTs and booster cards

Our main income will be the initial pre-sale of Non Fungible Tokens, such as Stadiums, Players and Youth Academies. However, just a part of that will go to the SAT. Another part will be used to provide funds to the Liquidity Pool.

After the initial launch, users will still be able to acquire some NFTs and Booster Cards in the Training Arena, generating lower but stable income over time.


Bridging the online advertising with Soccer Arena will provide a way to increase users as well as SAT income. Managers will be able to choose to sponsor their Teams earning higher revenues.

Marketplace Fees

SAT receives an initial 1% fee in every marketplace transaction. Currently there are no other fees set up, but they may be included in the future. Users (through the DAO) will have am important role in that decision.

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