🤖AntiBot Arsenal

Our strongest tool to prevent external actors from destabilizing the game economy.

The antibot system we have developed is intended to block players outside the game who only seek to trade the token to destabilize its economy without being part of it. In this way, we will only allow gamers to trade the token and participate in your economy, avoiding drops in token value and fostering a growing and sustainable economy in the long term.

To this end, measures have been established in the different phases to combat these external and undesirable actors:

  • Bots burning. We have established technical measures that will burn the tokens of bots that trade with the token not belonging to users of the game. Users have nothing to worry about, this measure is only effective against Bots. This token burning will result in reducing the token supply, thus increasing its price, the bots will achieve the opposite of what they intend!

  • Liquidity Pool Public Whitelist. During the first hours of the public launch of the liquidity pool, only those users who have registered on a public whitelist that we will announce on the official Soccer Arena accounts will be able to acquire the token. This way, we will block external players who only intend to trade with the currency without being players and we will give more possibilities to players to acquire Token at the starting price.

  • Outsiders Holding. To be able to trade with the Token, the address that holds those Tokens must be an active player of the game. This way, we will attract more players to the game, growing the community and the value of the Token, preventing external traders to manipulate the value of the Token without knowing the game.

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