To ease the entry of players from both the BSC and Polygon networks, the Soccer Arena pre-sale will take place on both the BSC network (Binance) and the Polygon network (MATIC). This will also be possible in later stages of the game. This way the user, whether he has funds on the BSC network or the Polygon network, will be able to access Soccer Arena without having to make a prior swap of funds between networks. We'll take care of everything.

Users who purchase their Tokens and NFTs on the BSC network will be provided with everything in such a way that they can directly access Soccer Arena without needing any tokens or assets on Polygon, using the same Metamask address they use on the BSC, but on the Polygon network. These users will receive their tokens and NFTs as well as enough MATIC token (native to Polygon) to be able to operate on the Polygon network without having to purchase any extra tokens, including tutorials about how to use it and migrate from one network to another. This way, a BSC network user who enters the pre-sale will have everything needed to be able to play Soccer Arena simply and transparently for him.

All information including dates and phases of the presale can be found at https://presale.soccerarena.io/.

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