Soccer Arena


Different ways to earn profit and tokens in Soccer Arena
Soccer Arena offers different ways to earn cryptocurrency and rewards within the game, which include but are not limited to:
  • Token Staking. There will be two ways to stake:
    • Stake to Earn Tokens.
    • Stake to Earn NFTs.
  • NFT Staking.
  • Hosting cups at your stadiums.
  • Lending your stadiums.
  • Selling tickets on a match-day (Stadium owners).
  • Minting new players in the Youth Academy.
  • Sponsoring your Team. You'll be able to join a Sponsoring agreement with Soccer Arena to increase your team revenue.
  • Betting in competitions.
  • Playing Leagues.
  • Playing Cups.
  • Playing Tournaments.
  • Playing One-to-one matches.
  • Delegate Manager. Earn managing teams or playing matches from other Managers.
  • Selling NFTs at OpenSea or our marketplace.
  • Adding liquidity to the Liquidity Pool.
  • Through our affiliates system.