Different ways to earn profit and tokens in Soccer Arena

Soccer Arena offers different ways to earn cryptocurrency and rewards within the game, which include but are not limited to:

  • Token Staking. There will be two ways to stake:

    • Stake to Earn Tokens.

    • Stake to Earn NFTs.

  • NFT Staking.

  • Hosting cups at your stadiums.

  • Lending your stadiums.

  • Selling tickets on a match-day (Stadium owners).

  • Minting new players in the Youth Academy.

  • Sponsoring your Team. You'll be able to join a Sponsoring agreement with Soccer Arena to increase your team revenue.

  • Betting in competitions.

  • Playing Leagues.

  • Playing Cups.

  • Playing Tournaments.

  • Playing One-to-one matches.

  • Delegate Manager. Earn managing teams or playing matches from other Managers.

  • Selling NFTs at OpenSea or our marketplace.

  • Adding liquidity to the Liquidity Pool.

  • Through our affiliates system.

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