Soccer Arena
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Finally a user-centric NFT game!
Soccer Arena, unlike other games, is designed by and for the user/gamer. It is for them that several actions have been carried out to ensure long-term sustainable and fun gameplay while keeping the Token as stable with long-term growth as possible. We cannot promise you unlimited millionaire income like other games do, that end up going bankrupt after a few weeks, because we would be lying to our users. That's why we prefer to use an honest, transparent and sustainable approach.
On the one hand, we've developed the Antibot Arsenal that will limit the bots' actions in the pre-sale, buying-selling and trading of the Token. It will therefore be a token for users.
On the other hand, there is also a fixed and limited supply of the Token, to prevent the token from being inflationary and losing value. Given its limited mintage and the generation of a large pool of liquidity, we ensure that the value of the Token cannot be vastly devalued, losing all its value as occurs in other games. In this way, if in the future you decide to leave the game, you would not lose your investment.
Additionally, measures have been established such as Token Burning to obtain a deflationary token over time, further increasing its value over time.
Furthermore, with private leagues and cups, users can play with their friends with no cost at all.
And finally, since we believe that the community is the most important thing in the game, there will be a DAO for the users of the community to decide the future of the game.