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Distribution & Vesting

Token Distribution & Vesting Schedule

Token Distribution

The distribution of the $SAIO Token will follow a fixed and simple scheme to prevent devaluation of the Token in the future. The total supply of the Token is fixed, initially limited to 300,000,000 SAIO Token, and can be increased by a maximum of 100,000,000 SAIO additional Tokens if so decided by the community users in the future through our DAO.
Not only that, but deflationary measures have been established through token burning in such a way that the total supply will decrease over time. In this way, we seek a stable and increasing value of the token over time.

Vesting Schedule

In order to achieve sustainable economics, a vesting scheme is defined:
Total Supply
300,000,000 SAIO
Games & Staking
90,000,000 SAIO
  • 0% TGE, 100% linearly released in 24 months
90,000,000 SAIO
  • 3% TGE, 97% linearly released in 24 months
Public & Private Presale
60,000,000 SAIO
  • Private: 10% TGE, 3 months lock, 90% linearly released in 24 months
  • Public: 20% TGE, 3 months lock, 80% linearly released in 12 months
30,000,000 SAIO
  • 9 months lock, 100% linearly released in 36 months
30,000,000 SAIO
  • Directly into the liquidity pool
100% of the funds from the public token pre-sale, as well as additional funds from the NFTs pre-sale, will go into the liquidity pool to have a strong liquidity pool. Token price will start higher than the pre-sale values with high liquidity.