Earn money by recommending the game.

We are convinced that the most important thing in the game is the user (gamer), that's why we reward users who bring new users, where everyone benefits. Not only will there be more movement in the game, but the Token will appreciate and increase its value as more players come.

If you recommend the game to your friends, you will receive 10% of all NFTs bought by referrals within Soccer Arena forever. And then you'll earn more and more with future teams, stadiums, items or players if they buy them. You can choose to split part of that % and offer a discount to the referred user, with a maximum of 5% discount for the user referred by your affiliate link.

You will have the option to use referral links when promoting your own cups organized in your stadiums, where, in addition to earning 10% of everything acquired by a new player coming from your link, it will help you to fill the cup sooner and thus earn more, whether new players come or existing players join your cup.

Learn more in https://play.soccerarena.io/affiliates/

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