Build your own team to be able to join competitions.

Teams allow you to play in leagues, cups, tournaments and One-to-one matches against other Managers.

A team is an NFT (based on the ERC-721 standard) which can align up to 11 players. The team, identified by a name and abbreviation, has the possibility of choosing between different line-ups (e.g. 4-4-2, 3-4-3,...) to adjust it to your squad of players in the best possible way. It is important to plan your strategy, both this line-up and the players that are part of the team will affect the outcome of your matches against other teams. In addition, a team will be able to choose a captain, who doubles his score towards the team's overall stats.

The team along with the players will derive a score based on several factors, such as the attributes of the players (defense, attack, vision, technique and power), line-up or harmony of the team. The aforementioned will give us the Team stats, which could be summarized as:

  • Defensive points.

  • Attack points.

  • Harmony.

A team will have more or less chances of winning depending on its stats as well as on how it adapts to the opposing team stats, strategy playing an important role in the game.

Each team has assigned a head coach who will be in charge of instructing and training the Players in the Training Arena. However, it is possible to acquire better coaches and secondary coaches that allow this improvement to be faster.

A manager can have as many teams as he wants, but the team belongs to the manager, and it cannot be transferred to other managers. However, you will be able to transfer and trade Players, Stadiums and other NTFs, being able to buy new NFT players, improve them or sell them in the marketplace, being able to build your Dream Team.

When the Manager accrues a new Team, the country to which the Team belongs can be defined, which can then be reflected in the country rankings.

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