Prove that you are the best manager! Level up by participating in competitions and winning matches to become the best manager, earning rewards for that experience.

The Manager concept represents the Soccer Arena user, and is associated with your address. As in real life, as you gain experience by coaching your teams and participating in competitions, you'll become a better manager, which will allow you to level-up. And this level-up will be rewarded in the form of booster cards for your players, unique abilities, higher levels of customization, access to leagues, free special events,...

What actions increase my experience points?

  • Play tournaments*.

  • Play cups*.

  • Play leagues*.

  • Play one-to-one matches*.

  • Play simulated one-on-one matches.

  • Organize competitions.

As your experience increases, it will be more complex to level-up. However, the rewards will also be greater at higher levels.

* Teams finishing in higher positions will receive more experience points.

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