Soccer Arena
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Youth Academy

Soccer stars are born in youth academies. Their total supply is limited.
Youth Academies and Stadiums are the only NTFs with prices in native Tokens. They are not defined by an oracle. Their price is fixed in native Tokens. Therefore, as the token price increases, its price in stable coins may increase as well.
Total supply of Youth Academies is limited, thus ensuring that new Players' minting is kept minimal increasing their value. Furthermore, there will be a teams:youth-academies ratio in both pre-sale and in-game that will only allow new Youth Academies to be minted when there are more than twice as many teams per Youth Academy until the total supply is reached. Once the total supply is reached, no more Youth Academies will be sold.
There are several ways to hire new Players, however, the main way to mint new players will depend on the Soccer Arena users. Owners of this much-loved NFT will be able to train and mint future soccer stars.
Set up your own youth academy, train future stars and get new NFT players to add to your team or sell them. Every 7 journeys you will be able to get a new NFT player that you can trade, use in your team or sell in the Marketplace.
Depending on the scouts and trainers ability in your Youth Academy you will have more or less chances to find higher Tier players, such as Rare, Epic or Legend. However, when looking for higher tiers players, the time needed to train them increases.
As players age, they will eventually retire. When retiring, you'll be able to give them the chance to join your Youth Academy or even create a brand new Youth Academy. However, not all retired players are qualified to do so.