đŸĒ™Token Information

All the information about $SAIO, the Soccer Arena native token.

IMPORTANT: to avoid possible fraud we will not expose the token address until the day we announce the release of the token with the creation of the liquidity pool. Do not buy directly in any exchange that has not been linked from our official accounts to avoid impersonation of our token.

The $SAIO Token will be the (crypto) currency with which you will be able to earn, buy, sell, bet or trade within the game. It will be a standard ERC-20 deflationary token, and we have implemented strong measures to prevent it from dropping its value, seeking sustainable growth over time and avoiding sharp drops due to speculators. These measures are intended to prevent speculation and facilitate entry for those who really want to play. The Soccer Arena native token can always be purchased both on the BSC network (Binance) and on the Polygon network (MATIC), including the pre-sale phase and the later play phase. This way the user, whether he has funds in the BSC network or the Polygon network, will be able to access Soccer Arena without having to make a previous swap of funds between networks. We'll take care of everything for you.

There will be an Oracle that will allow the acquisition of new NFTs at a fixed price regardless of the value of the Token. The oracle will establish the number of Tokens needed to purchase an NFT at a given time. This way, new users will be able to access the game even if the Token value rises sharply, which in turn will benefit older users. This does not apply to Stadiums and Youth Academies, which will remain at a fixed native token price.

There is a fixed supply of Tokens initially set at 300,000,000 SAIO (and up to 100,000,000 additional Tokens if decided by the DAO) as described in the token distribution section. A third of the total amount will not be minted at the beginning, but will instead be left for the future and will only be minted in case the community decides so, and just for the actions it decides.

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